Concrete Floor Preparation Services

Whether for industrial facilities or commercial spaces, it is extremely important to give surface the correct concrete surface profile, or CSP. This will allow for proper bonding of concrete overlays and coatings, or other flooring materials. 

Our concrete floor preparation contractors provide the following services to get your floor in peak condition:

  • Removal of mastic, carpet glue, thin-set, coatings et cetera. 

  • Grinding slab to help flatten uneven surfaces. 

  • Dustproofing floors in facilities where cleanliness is critical. 

  • Joint repair and filling to prevent further damage to slab. 

  • Fill and repair of holes and large cracks in concrete slabs.

High-Quality Floor Grinding

Robles Concrete Services provides concrete floor grinding to level-out your floor. Concrete floor grinding provides basic leveling and smooths out your floor, allowing for it to be coated. This process involves a motor-driven machine with diamond-embedded blades that remove microscopic increments of floor. The removed material gets caught by a coupled vacuum, and different types of diamond blades are used to create the ideal surface. The end result is a perfect polishing service for your floor.

Trip No More

Concrete floor grinding doesn’t just restore a floor’s appearance—it restores safety, too. Floors containing uneven joints create tripping hazards, and tripping on concrete is never fun. Don’t let uneven joints jeopardize someone’s health; in addition to harming someone, this can lead to a lawsuit against a business or a scary situation for a loved one. Our concrete floor grinding service evens out the floor and reduces the risk of falling.

Environmentally Friendly Solution

Concrete grinding has a number of environmentally friendly benefits. First, it produces a low amount of waste. Secondly, polished concrete attracts less dust, mildew, and mold, improving air quality.

Unbeatable Services

There are plenty of reasons to invest in concrete floor grinding and polishing services. Call Robles concrete floor preparation contractors today for a free estimate.