Polished and Stained Concrete 

Staining and polishing or applying sealer over stain on concrete flooring is on the rise. What was once viewed as simply a foundation material is now being looked to in order to prove a modern, sleek aesthetic to both commercial and residential spaces. A few of the many benefits is:

  • Life expectancy is far greater than most other flooring materials
  • Durable enough for heavy machinery, forklift activity or heavy foot traffic
  • Eliminate the need for waxes and coatings
  • May be stained in a large array of colors (Request our Color Charts)
  • Breathable with no "allergy" causing agents
  • Green in its installation with no harsh chemicals
  • Cost effective

While the quality of the tooling and equipment is important, a critical element is the person(s) who will install the flooring. Can the contractor articulate clearly the objective? Can the contractor work well with people? Is communication while on the job a top priority to manage expectations and respect timelines?