Marble & Stone Polishing Services

In order to give you the best results we use professional equipment and tooling. To polish and restore marble, terrazzo and stone we use high performance diamond pads or metals in a selective sequence to achieve desired results. All surface areas receive several steps to remove lippage, etching or deep scratches. Final steps are using either honing powders or polish compounds, depending on preference, up to a full polish. In the case of light scratches or overall dull appearance, a surface polish may be all that is needed to have a renewed look.

How much dust will be created during the restoration of my floor, vanity or counter-top? There is no dust created during the restoration process, because we use diamond abrasives and water.

Elevate Your Marble or Stone Floor

Robles Concrete Services can upgrade your floor via our marble and stone floor polishing services. Polished marble can create a translucent look in which the floor tiles almost glow when the sun is at a certain angle—and even when the sun isn’t out, your floor will still look stylish. Likewise, stone floor polishing restores your floor to a beautiful look and ensures longevity. Contact us and choose the polishing service that corresponds to your floor—you’ll receive a free quote.

Low Maintenance = Easier on You

Polished floors won’t require as much maintenance work in the future compared to unpolished floors. Polishing is an ideal solution that impedes agents such as dirt and dust from sticking to your floor’s surface. This means that investing in floor polishing will go a long way for your floor.

Count on Robles Concrete Services to deliver the best marble and stone floor polishing services in Atlanta. Our professionals can restore floors at your home or business to ideal condition, so give us a call today.